Jasper Names Intercept a World-Class AI Marketing Agency Partner




“Now is not the time to wait and see. ‘Marketing’ has been given a new superpower. The question is, what will I do with it?”

Andrew Au, Managing Partner at Intercept

Jasper recently announced their list of world-class marketing agencies for their AI Solutions Partner Program, and we’re proud to say Intercept is among the global top 20.

To earn this accolade, we focused on B2B marketing in the global tech sector. Our deep understanding of generative AI (gen-AI) and its transformative potential set us apart.

Becoming a recognized leader in gen-AI marketing

Our AI journey started in 2017 with white papers and eBooks that explored possibilities for Big Tech clients. As early adopters, we leveraged AI tools internally for content creation and testing. Microsoft’s investment in Open AI validated our path, spurring further exploration.

By early 2023, we expanded into other gen-AI platforms like ChatGPT, DALL·E, and Midjourney, focusing on textual and text-to-image capabilities. Our comprehensive research evaluated tool functionality alongside data privacy and security. This led to a curated suite of tools, each chosen for their unique strengths, from infographic design to analytics insights.

In this mix, Jasper became a central tool in our approach to marketing, excelling in several areas:

  • Output consistency
  • Data privacy
  • Content control
  • Mitigating hallucinations
  • Maintaining a consistent knowledge base

Tailored Jasper solutions for every need

We understand that every business is at a different stage in adopting and leveraging gen-AI technology. Whether you’re looking to take full control in-house or prefer a fully managed option, we offer a spectrum of Jasper-related services.

  1. Bring Jasper in-house: We provide comprehensive guidance to jumpstart your Jasper journey, specializing in training models, building knowledge bases, defining brand voice, and optimizing naming and tags. This package includes all the guidance and support your marketing team needs to access Jasper’s capabilities with confidence.
  1. Gain hands-on control with expert support: This offering combines the automation power of Jasper with our agency’s expertise.  We help build your in-house capabilities by providing comprehensive training, strategic guidance, and tailored copywriting support.
  1. Stay hands-off and focused on strategic priorities: In this full-service offering, we handle everything – from turnkey license management and setup configurations to campaign strategy and content production.  You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from having an award-winning B2B agency managing your marketing needs, ensuring efficient and impactful results.

Embracing the gen-AI revolution

The new program is purpose-built to incorporate AI functionality into marketing workflows, removing the barrier to experimentation and disrupting the traditional hours-based model with a move towards value-based pricing.”

Al Biedrzycki, Director of the Solutions Partner Program at Jasper

If your organization is not keeping pace with AI, then it’s falling behind. This isn’t about job loss; it’s about job evolution. Using gen-AI purely as a content factory is not enough. The real opportunity lies in a strategic, creative, and critical approach.

The landscape of outsourced services is changing too.  As traditional hourly billing makes way for value-based pricing, a shift in mindset becomes vital for future partnerships.

Navigating data security, ethics, and bias

“People often think of humans as unbiased and rational, whereas machines are seen as more biased. But in reality, human bias is harder to spot.”

Andrew Au

Unconscious bias is part of human nature, whereas gen-AI biases are more identifiable and correctable. Legal complexities in copyright laws present challenges, but major tech companies are stepping in with legal support. At Intercept, we navigate these intricacies with care, ensuring our clients are well-informed about content ownership.

Transparency in AI use is non-negotiable. We have established AI policies, and our contracts clearly outline data confidentiality and proprietary information. We chose Jasper partly for its robust data privacy and security, aligning with our operational framework.

By adhering to ethical guidelines and security protocols, we offer our clients a stable and reliable gen-AI experience.

AI is a co-pilot, not an autopilot

Relying on AI as a form of autopilot is a sure way to crash. It excels in supporting, but not replacing, human reasoning. Strategic planning, critical thinking, and creativity should remain in human hands.

Human oversight is also crucial for course corrections and model refinement. A meticulous human-led review process ensures alignment with strategic goals, brand identity, and client expectations

The near and long-term impact of gen-AI

Currently, gen-AI shines in extracting key details from complex documents. In the short term, it’s set to boost transactional communications, like automated webinar invites and thank you messages.

Long term, we see immense potential in text-to-image platforms. The current challenge is producing on-brand content efficiently. Our experience involved generating 400 AI images to find a starting point. These platforms are promising but still evolving.

Platforms like Jasper are leading the gen-AI revolution – disrupting traditional methods of campaign setup, content analysis, and optimization.

If you’re looking to harness gen-AI for growth and are wondering where to start, let’s have a conversation.

To view some of our award-winning campaigns with enterprise clients, check out our case studies page.