How to Turn a Hero Asset into a High-Performance Campaign in 9 Clicks




Every B2B marketing team knows what it takes to create “hero assets.” After pouring weeks into perfecting a white paper, it gets its moment in the spotlight on social, and then what? It’s filed away with other assets that never get the opportunity to perform.

It can feel like you’ve run a marathon only to head back to the starting line to do it again. This content creation cycle can seem relentless, especially given today’s fast-paced market and the growing content appetites of B2B buyers.

There’s got to be a better way

This is where Jasper steps in with its handy feature called Campaigns. Imagine being able to transform your hard-earned hero asset into a full-fledged campaign with just a few clicks. It’s possible today.

Here’s a quick look at how we use it. One of our research studies is called Nology, which surveys 500 technology buyers on their digital transformation maturity, buying needs, and B2B marketing preferences. After producing a hero white paper, we felt it had more potential and turned to Jasper for some extra content production support.

Creating a campaign in 9 clicks

We started by naming our campaign, selecting a voice, and uploading our hero asset.

We then chose the type of content we were looking to produce to support our digital campaign and hit “Generate Campaign.”

While it’s not magic, it does take the edge off starting from square one. One of our copywriters was able to take the initial outputs and refine them to ensure they were accurate, engaging, and on-brand.

The Impact: More Than Just Time Saved

Embracing Jasper has led to several impressive results:

  1. Efficiency: Speedy draft generation means we can take on more without our teams feeling swamped.
  2. Quality: Letting AI handle the heavy-lifting means our team can focus on finessing the content, adding that essential human touch.
  3. Empowerment: With the bulk of content generation sorted, team members can expand their horizons and tackle new projects, leading to professional growth and job satisfaction.
  4. Focus: Our team can zero in on their core roles, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.
  5. Streamlined Briefing: Jasper drastically cuts down the time spent wrangling multiple case studies and makes onboarding new team members a breeze.
AI as an Enabler of Human Creativity

Rather than replacing human jobs, AI tools like Jasper play a crucial role in the workplace by enabling professionals to focus on more creative and strategic tasks.

In the context of writing and producing content, this means less time spent on drafting and more on refining to ensure the final output is high quality and on-time.

The Future of AI-Driven Content Creation

As AI continues to evolve, businesses at the enterprise and mid-market levels will further realize its integral role in content creation and management and as a tool for innovation.

For companies looking to scale up their content production without compromising quality, feature-rich solutions like Jasper are a game-changer. They bring consistency, efficiency, and a certain level of creativity that, when combined with human oversight, can consistently produce exceptional results.

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